This week’s episode is a little different. There’s an ongoing controversy related to a two–time guest of this show, Robin Hanson. I talk through the scandal, giving a whole decade of background so you can understand where this scandal comes from.

There are many links for this episode. Here they are in the order they are discussed:
Robin Hanson’s books, The Age of Em and The Elephant in the Brain.
“Unequal Beauty Silence” October 19, 2009
“Pretty Smart Healthy Privilege” September 26, 2014
“Inequality Talk Is About Grabbing” August 7, 2013
“Two Types of Envy” April 26, 2018

“Redistribution” means “change the distribution”. A great many who have commented can’t imagine any policy options to change the distribution of sex access other than rape and slavery, and so accuse me of advocating such things. But a great many other policy options exist.
? Robin Hanson (@robinhanson) April 28, 2018

“it’s not hard to come away with the impression that [Hanson] believes men are owed sex, that women are devious about it, & that rape is a subject that can be toyed with lightly as an intellectual exercise.” None of which I’ve said, & all of which I deny

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